The DeepMind Scholarships 2021

Center for Research and Formation in Artificial Intelligence

Universidad de los Andes

The DeepMind Scholarships 2021 are part of a strategic alliance between CINFONIA and DeepMind that allows Universidad de los Andes to join a select group of prestigious academic institutions associated with one of the world leaders in Artificial Intelligence. The DeepMind Scholarships are Excellence Awards for students from underrepresented communities worldwide in Artificial Intelligence.

Each DeepMind Scholar 2021 will receive full support for two years to carry out master’s studies within the area of ​​Artificial Intelligence, travel support, equipment, and publications. Each DeepMind Scholar 2021 will also have an individual DeepMind Tutor who will accompany their training process.

The DeepMind Scholars 2021 will be selected strictly for academic excellence and research experience in Artificial Intelligence among the candidates who identify themselves as members of any of the communities listed below and who have been accepted to start in 2021 one of the Master's Programs of the School of Engineering at Universidad de los Andes with emphasis on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

• Latin Americans in Artificial Intelligence

• Women in Artificial Intelligence

• Ethnic minorities in Artificial Intelligence

• Low-income communities in Artificial Intelligence


Call for applications open until December 20

"Ideas are easy. It's the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats" - Sue Grafton

Cra. 1 E No. 19A - 40.  

Mario Laserna Building - School of Engineering 

Bogotá, Colombia

Cód. Postal: 111711

+(571) 332 4327, 332 4328, 332 4329