DeepMind and CINFONIA 2023 Scholarships – PhD and Masters opportunities

The Center for Research and Formation in Artificial Intelligence (CINFONIA) of the Universidad de los Andes (Uniandes) forged a valuable partnership with DeepMind, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) company in the United Kingdom to help build a stronger and more inclusive AI community. Currently, CINFONIA is positioned as a Latin American leader in AI research, and scholars who study here will have the benefits of exposure to the academic achievements of its researchers, including participation in the most prestigious AI conferences in the world. 

Through the DeepMind Scholarships program, the company has funded six talented students from underrepresented backgrounds to study in a Master of Engineering program with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence at the Universidad de los Andes.  With the goal of further promoting diversity and academic excellence in AI, DeepMind has extended its partnership with CINFONIA to fund scholarships for five Masters students. Furthermore, DeepMind will also grant a scholarship for one PhD student starting in 2023

Gabriel Mejía, a DeepMind 2022 scholar states that “the DeepMind scholarship is a life-changing program. It has given me investigative freedom and all the needed resources to exploit it in the personal, academic, and career domains. Also, as it connects me to a real-life top-notch researcher, it has helped me to gain clarity on my next steps and my long-term goals.” 

The DeepMind 2023 scholars will need to demonstrate academic excellence and experience in AI research. Applicants to the Master scholarship must be accepted in a Master’s program at Universidad de los Andes with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence certified by CINFONIA, visit to find the eligible Master’s programs. Applicants to the PhD scholarship must be accepted in a PhD of Science program at the Faculty of Engineering with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, visit for more information on the program. All applicants must belong to a community underrepresented in the field of AI, Latin Americans, women, ethnic minorities and/or low-income population. 

The scholarship will pay not only for academic costs, but also for conference travel (or remote conference participation) and equipment. Scholars will be able to attend educational events and important conferences on Artificial Intelligence and will have the support of a DeepMind mentor to develop their confidence and pursue their goals. The applications for the 2023 scholarships will open on October 1st and will close on December 5th.

The renewal of the scholarships is a step in closing the knowledge gap in underrepresented communities and a recognition of CINFONIA’s academic effort to generate knowledge and new opportunities in the region. 

For more details in the application process please visit the following links


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