Video Analysis

Juan C. León
Guillaume Jeanneret
Diego Valderrama
Bernard Ghanem
Pablo Arbeláez
Collaboration with Fabian Caba at Adobe Research and Jitendra Malik.

Current media is transitioning from an image-based information to video-based data. This arises the need of computational tools to analyse this kind of information. This project concentrates its efforts to form efficient tools to process video related tasks.

Active Speakers Detection

Active Speakers in Context

J. León Alcázar, F. Caba Heilbron, L. Mai, F. Perazzi, J.Y. Lee, P. Arbeláez and B. Ghanem

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020

Moving Objects Segmentation

Learning to Segment Moving Objects in Videos

K. Fragkiadaki, P. Arbelaez, P. Felsen and J. Malik

CVPR, 2015

Object Reconstruction from Monocular Video

Grouping-Based Low-Rank Trajectory Completion and 3D Reconstruction

K. Fragkiadaki, M. Salas, P. Arbelaez and J. Malik

NIPS, 2014

Boundary Detection in Video

Occlusion Boundary Detection and Figure/Ground Assignment from Optical Flow

P. Sundberg, T. Brox, M. Maire, P. Arbelaez and J. Malik

CVPR, 2011. (oral)

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